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Hope and light

This reminds me of a night a long time ago. I'm remembering because  it was dark and I thought I was was lost....
I was driving to visit my brother and his wife in Baysville but it started to snow and blow and it was getting dark - I took a wrong turn and finally realized I was lost and at that time I had no cell phone. Snow was blowing and it was dark I could barely see the road then , all of a sudden I noticed massive strobe lights filled with rich, brilliant colours flashing up into the sky! I pulled over to have a better look - it was a fiery and magnificent light show, one like I had  never seen before and the colours were transparent but rich and  vibrant ...  but could not flashing lights from a nearby city, I was in the middle of nowhere, on my way to Huntsville, what was this? 
It was Aurora Borealis! Incredible, I forgot all about where I was and that I was a bit scared, as I had my 5 year old asleep in the back and the snow that was blowing had covered the road and the road signs. I rolled down my window only to hear a symphony of sound to go
along with that spectacular light spectacle . It was a series of low to mid tone whistle type chanting sounds that were synchronized with every movement of the light. I've heard about Aura Borealis having sound on the rare occasion but I was actually experiencing it! I felt like I was just given the most incredible gift, and I knew somehow I was meant to be lost because maybe I really wasn't... it was perfect. 
I continued on, to stop at a gas station, purchased a map and finally made it,  a few hours later, but made it to my destination. 
I will always remember that night and am reminded that there is always light somewhere, even though it may seem dark, there will always be hope waiting to be found. -keep looking, be patient with yourself on the journey  -and when you are open to all possibilities,  you never know where and when you will find it. 



Segments of my work over the past 2 years!! Looking forward to see what creative adventures comes my way this year!!

The downstairs studio is now open!! Classes begin again on Monday March 16th, 2015.

Art Classes are going great! Some very talented young artists around here! Next round of classes begin march 16th 2015

Taking action in 2015!!


Ready or not here it comes


A little piece of heaven:)

I found the perfect gift from the heavens last week, right on my doorstep. Perhaps my luck has changed, looking forward to a fantastic and opportune new beginning this spring!:)




C.S.Lewis #inspirstion



Our Great day With Mr. Trudeau

South Monoghan Public School and a great day in Ottawa with Mr. Justin Trudeau!!
Our School trip to Ottawa was simply amazing! Every location we were able to visit, went smoothly with perfect synchronicity, thanks to the super organizational skills and persistence of our "Hero" Ms. Spicer. My "Highlight" was our visit to Parliament Hill and the incredible time spent with Mr. Justin Trudeau. He was very generous to spend the time he did with our grade 5/6 class. He spoke of his values and beliefs, he listened to and answered all student's questions in such a relaxed manner letting the students know that each of their questions were of great value to him. Perhaps even a few of our children's destiny's were redirected this day...  we appreciat the time he spent on his very busy schedule.
Thank you
Mr. Trudeau!!